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  • Discover the delicate and refined Soap from The English Soap Company, a proud piece of the Vintage Collection. This line was crafted to showcase the rich traditions of English soap making, featuring unique packaging adorned with vintage-style artwork. This soap gently cleanses the skin, providing comprehensive care while bestowing an elegant flair.

    Key Features of The English Soap Company Vintage Collection 

    - Vegan formula;
    - Effectively breaks down impurities, removes sebum, and exfoliates dead skin cells;
    - Neutralizes harmful microflora;
    - Maintains the skin’s optimal hydration balance, preventing dryness and flaking;
    - Leaves skin feeling velvety smooth and soft;
    - Enhances the skin's firmness;
    - Refreshes and tones the skin pleasantly.

English Soap Bars

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